The Australian Surf Forecast API

Swellcast has a very simple open API, providing surf forecast data for all published locations.

The API Structure

There are three available endpoints covering: all states, individual states, and individual locations. The individual location response includes the short forecast data, matching the 4 day range forecasts displayed on the swellcast home and state pages. All responses are JSON formatted, and available as follows:

Resource Request Format Type
States /api/v1/states.json?api_key=your_api_key GET
State /api/v1/states/:state_id.json?api_key=your_api_key GET
Location /api/v1/locations/:location_id.json?api_key=your_api_key GET

Getting Started

  • It's important that we know who is using the API. Please drop us a quick email if you are planning to use the swellcast API, with a quick outline of your intentions.
  • An API key is required with each request, and can be obtained by signing up to swellcast. Check the account section for your unique key.
  • The API is for low volume use. Please cache API responses.
  • Please acknowledge swellcast as the data source wherever you publish the data, and where possible, provide a link to
  • Last but not least, please email us if you have any questions or feedback about the API!

Terms & Conditions of Use

  • The swellcast API is currently available for non-commercial use only. Please contact us if you wish to discuss potential commercial API applications and/or access to the full forecast data sets.
  • Swellcast reserves the right to terminate access to the API.